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Seeking and Finding: Lessons from Mary Magdalene's Encounter at the Tomb
by Oluseye Ashiru on March 29th, 2024
In the Gospel of John, amidst the Easter narrative, we find a significant account of Mary Magdalene's journey to the tomb of Jesus. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the timeless truth that Jesus desires to be found by those who earnestly seek Him.As dawn breaks on that fateful morning, Mary, along with other disciples, rushes to the tomb, their hearts heavy with grief and confusion. Yet,...  Read More
Remembering the Promises: Lessons from the Women at the Tomb in the Easter Story
by Oluseye Ashiru on March 28th, 2024
In the tapestry of the Easter narrative, amidst the solemnity of Jesus’ crucifixion and the triumphant joy of his resurrection, there exists a lesser-known yet profoundly poignant episode – the encounter of the women at the tomb. As recounted in the Gospel of Luke 24, these faithful women embarked on a journey to anoint the body of Jesus, only to be met with an empty tomb and a message that would reverberate through the ages.   Read More
Embracing the Paradox: Finding God Amidst Pain in the Easter Story
by Oluseye Ashiru on March 27th, 2024
In this blog, we embark on a reflective journey into the intersection of pain and spirituality, drawing insights from the Easter story and the experiences of Mary. Through her grief-stricken journey, we uncover profound truths about resilience, faith, and the enduring presence of God even in our darkest moments.   Read More
Exploring the Significance of Easter: Teaching Children the Meaning Behind the Celebration
by Oluseye Ashiru on March 26th, 2024
As parents, we are often tasked with the responsibility of passing down traditions and values to our children, helping them understand the world around them in meaningful ways. One such tradition, deeply rooted in history and spirituality, is the celebration of Easter. Beyond the colorful eggs and sweet treats, Easter holds profound significance for millions around the globe.In this blog, we embar...  Read More
This Child Will Break Your Heart - 5 Parenting Lessons From the Mother of Jesus
by Families Arising Admin on March 25th, 2024
"This Child Will Break Your Heart" How about that for an opening line? As I was just pondering on the season of Easter, for some reason, my mind went away from Jesus for a bit, and I thought about Mary, His mom.And for some reason, my heart was heavy, just thinking about her. For a moment there, I tried to imagine if I were Mary. Right at my child's christening, I am told that this child was going...  Read More
Moms Conversation Series: The Heart of Parenting Unveiled by Ezinne Eziagu
by Ezinne Eziau on February 8th, 2024
For me, I find that the simple act of being present holds immense power in parenting. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, carving out moments of undivided attention for my children fills our home with warmth and connection. How do you cultivate presence in your daily interactions with your children? Let's explore and learn from each other!   Read More
Nurturing a Love for Reading: 8 Tips to Help Your Teen Cultivate a Habit of Reading By Nsaha Onabule
by Nsaha Onabule on February 7th, 2024
In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, instilling a love for reading in our busy teenagers can sometimes feel like a daunting task. But fear not! In today's Mom Conversation Series, let's delve into eight practical tips to nurture a reading habit in your teens.   Read More
Keeping the Lid on Stress: Saying No to Overscheduling for Christian Moms by Oluseye Ashiru
by Oluseye Ashiru on February 6th, 2024
Dear Moms, In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of overscheduling our children. From extracurricular activities to academic pursuits, the pressure to excel can be overwhelming. However, as followers of Christ, we are called to prioritize rest and trust in God's guidance. Today, let's explore the importance of keeping the lid on stress by learning to say no to overscheduling, and how doing so can bring peace and harmony to your family.  Read More
Preschooler Prayers: Teaching Your Little One to Talk to God by Dami Oguntolu
by Damilola Oguntolu on February 5th, 2024
In the whirlwind of getting your little one ready for preschool, managing diaper changes, messy mealtimes, and tucking them into bed, it's easy to overlook a small yet significant activity that lays the groundwork for their journey of faith - Prayer Routine! Starting early may prompt questions – why teach them prayers when they may not fully understand?   Read More
Moms Pray Friday - Prayer for Peace for Your Family
by Emem Gabriel on February 2nd, 2024
Today, let's focus our prayers on praying for peace within our families. In a world full of chaos and turmoil, our homes can be sanctuaries of tranquility through the power of prayer. Join me as we seek God's peace, which surpasses all understanding, for our families.   Read More
Strategic Conversations with Your Teen: How Periodic Conversations are Key by Tope Fortune
by Tope Fortune on February 1st, 2024
Strategic conversations go beyond the surface-level exchanges of daily life. They delve into deeper topics such as aspirations, fears, values, and decision-making. These conversations not only strengthen the bond between parents and teens but also empower teens to express themselves confidently and make informed choices.   Read More
Help, My Teen's Room Is Always Messy. Navigating Teenage Messiness: A Guide for Parents by Ajoke Giwa-Alatise
by Ajoke Giwa-Alatise on January 31st, 2024
Let's talk about teenagers and messiness. As parents, it's a scenario we're all too familiar with: you've spent years teaching your kids the importance of cleanliness, yet somehow, when they hit their teenage years, it feels like all those lessons flew out the window. It can be frustrating, disheartening, and at times, downright maddening. But fear not, you're not alone in this struggle. Having two teenage boys myself, I understand the ongoing battle of trying to maintain a clean household amidst the chaos of adolescence. It often feels like an uphill climb, but there are strategies we can employ to navigate this phase without resorting to yelling or screaming.  Read More
Mom Conversation Series: Unlocking the Power of Routines for Your Child's Success by Adenike Odewale
by Adenike Odewale on January 30th, 2024
Routines serve as the cornerstone of a child's development journey, laying the groundwork for future achievements. While spontaneity has its charm, a well-structured routine provides a sense of security and predictability essential for growth and success. In my journey as a mother, navigating the early school years necessitated a disciplined approach to mornings. What initially felt like a chore soon evolved into a seamless rhythm, benefiting both my children and myself. As they've grown, we've fine-tuned our routine to accommodate changing needs, ensuring smoother transitions and happier mornings. Hebrews 12:11 reminds us of the enduring rewards of embracing routines, promising righteousness and peace to those who adhere to them. If you're grappling with morning mayhem, fear not; it's never too late to cultivate a more harmonious start to the day. Here are some additional tips to help you establish and maintain effective routines:  Read More
Nurturing Healthy Habits: How to Make the Best of Meal Times with Your Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers
by Families Arising Admin on January 29th, 2024
In the whirlwind of parenting, meal times can often become battlegrounds, especially when you're dealing with picky eaters. As moms, we all want to ensure our little ones are getting the nutrition they need to thrive and grow. But how can we navigate this terrain successfully? Fear not, dear moms, for I come bearing tips and tricks to help you make the most out of meal times with your toddlers and pre-schoolers.   Read More
Mom Tip - How A Daily Routine Can Save You Time
by Families Arising Admin on January 9th, 2024
With the endless list of things you need to do on your plate, how do you get through the numerous things you need to do as a mom?Recently, I realized that the Tip I am about to share with you has had tremendous impact on getting things done for me.Gone are the days of trying to get everything done the same day.You know how your 'to-do' list can be as long as River Nile on a daily basis?Not only do...  Read More
How Moms Can Embrace Courage for God's Purpose
by Families Arising Admin on January 1st, 2024
Get out of that boat today!Taking a new step is what most people fear the most. For example, starting a new business, changing your jobs, or even going into a new relationship. If we must become who God said we would be, we need to arise and take some bold steps of faith. To get rid of fear then there is the need to take that big leap just as Peter did. Peter said to Jesus that, ‘I don’t have to b...  Read More
A Mom's Prayer: Prayer for Clarity and Vision Cleansing
by Families Arising Admin on December 29th, 2023
My vision is clear and aligned to God’s vision.Lord, I thank You for the vision that You have for me. I bless Your holy name because I have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places.Thank You Father for Your purpose and vision for my life. I thank You for light and clarity that shines in my heart as You speak to me about Your vision and plans on the earth.Lord, I declare that I ...  Read More
Advent Week 4: A Joyful Conclusion - Embracing Christmas and the Year Ahead
by Oluseye Ashiru on December 24th, 2023
As we approach the culmination of our Advent journey, Christmas Eve is upon us. It's a time of great anticipation, a time filled with the miracle and wonder of the birth of Jesus. Throughout these four weeks, we've reflected on the themes of waiting, visitation, and deploying our gifts for God's purpose.Now, in this joyful conclusion, we turn our hearts toward Christmas and the beautiful year that...  Read More

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