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Purpose Before Profit by Tope Fortune

“’ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul? – Mark 8:36
“Whenever we do the work that God has given us, we have become God’s hands for  providing for the world” - Martin Luther King

Of course, one of the intents of work is to make a living, thrive or make a profit  but it’s not the ultimate of any enterprise.  

What God has called us to in our work and enterprise is far beyond just to earn a  living, get an income or make a profit, we are called to serve a purpose with work  God has put in our hands to do. Your enterprise is called to serve a purpose.
Any enterprise exists to bring people together in relationships, to create  opportunities for individuals, to express aspects of their God-given talents and  identity into meaningful and creative work.

Profit is a tool, not the end of an enterprise. It is the means for attracting the  capital that will enable the enterprise to do what it is supposed to.  

Putting profit before purpose only brings instant gratification, unhealthy  consumption, and other troubles; the end of your enterprise should glorify God.  

The best thing is when we pursue purpose instead, we enjoy God in full, and our  cups will run over, overflowing with His goodness in our lives. This is very  important because a sense of purpose leads to greater well-being and satisfaction,  energizing and captivating opportunities to learn and grow which is far much  deeper than profit.

Prayer Moment
• Dear Lord, I put you first in my enterprise. You are the lead, steer my  enterprise to a place of purpose.
• Lord of abundance, please lead me in the steps to prosperity.  • I know the first step is to recognize that I am a steward of your finances. It’s  not my money. It’s yours!
• Help me shift my mindset from the way the world views finances. Help me  understand that I don’t own what I have – it’s yours
• I am your steward, Dear Lord, use me exceedingly above for your Glory.  • I am the caretaker of what you have entrusted me with. You have given me  what I have now, so I can learn to trust you with my resources. • I thank you that when I do that, you will cause me to prosper. Amen.  

Think Over it
What is God saying to me today?
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