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Partner with us to reach more families with the resources, support and community they need to THRIVE & FLOURISH

9 Years of Impact | Over 63,000 families reached  
| Across 5 Continents | 24 countries

- Matthew 6:21

Thank you for a heart to partner with us through your gifts.

I am Oluseye, Founder of Families Arising

As a mom of 3 children ( teens and a pre-teen), my heart has been drawn to families for over a decade and I have worked with thousands of women across the world over the last decade.
Armed with a burning desire in my heart to impact mothers, and through them, impact their families, I have consistently supported families as my life’s greatest work of impact. This is because I believe that the most impactful way to change society is to change families!
This is why I am committed to giving my best, alongside our team, to provide resources and community to families, so that they thrive and flourish in this dark world.
I believe we can continue to be a light through God’s power and through the generosity of our partners that give to the work we do.
Will you help us to make more impact?

Why we give.

God is generous and so he calls us to be as well.  
What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are at and helps make a difference in the world.
Your gift helps us to reach more families with our resources, training, workshops and resources.

What Your Gifts Will Do

We have been able to reach over 63, 000 families across the world over the last 9 years with our resources and programs.

Your generosity will ensure that we can continue to make impact in different ways.

  • Continuous impact for families for 10+ years. Our programs span across kids, teens, youth, moms and dads.
  • Kids Book Club for kids from countries across the world. Written and published devotionals and books for our kids book clubs for kids aged 5-11. Books available on Amazon
  • Teens Leadership Initiatives and Mentoring Programs
    We offer continued support, programs and initiatives to groom our teenagers through our Teen Pulse Initiative for teens aged 12-19.
  • Worked with Moms since 2015 and impacted over 63,000 families across our networks
  • Online Tech-Powered Learning Platform  - Youniversity HQ - with courses and coaching programs to impact mothers and families
  • Free App Access: Providing Family Resources Through Our Mobile & TV Apps

Your Gift will go a long way to:

Provide free Books

We continue to provide free books to our families through the team here at Families Arising.
Your gift will ensure that this continues.

Provide an app

Our app makes it easier for our moms, dads, kids, teens and youth to connect to our resources on the go. Your gift will contribute towarsd keeping our app on the app store

Provide Book Club for Kids

Our team hosts book club sessions for kids regularly and through this, we have been able to reach hundreds of children across the world with literacy, faith-based and insightful teachings

Provide courses

Your gift will help us to continue to provide courses for our community across the world.
These courses will help to strengthen families in various ways.

Provide Teen Mentoring

Through our Teen Pulse Leadership training, we have been able to provide mentoring opportunities to teens across the world. Your gift will give us the support we need to continue

Provide Discipleship Resources

Our discipleship program runs on the generous donations of individuals and groups that help us to keep access subsidized to our members. Partner with us to reach more people

Stories of Impact

Over the years, we have been able to reach individuals and families with our programs, events, resources, tools and community.

We Have Made Impact

Through the years, we continue to work with families across the world to make a difference...

Annual conferences

Hosted Annual Women and Family Conferences since 2016

63,000 + Families reached

A growing community of over 63,000 families reached across our platforms

Retreats & Events

Hosted online and in-person Retreats

Books Published

10 books + Books Written & Published by Our Team


Providing Coaching and Mentoring sessions for Women, Kids, Teens and families

Support for Families

Family Support for individuals & family members

Kids Book Club

Kids Book Club for children aged 5-11

Teen Pulse Leadership

Teen Outreach for Teens aged 12-19

family Counselling & Resources

Courses & Resources for kids, teens, youth, moms and dads

Support for Families

Family Support for individuals & family members

Our Family app

Families Arising App available on mobile devices & TV

Community Impact

We host outreaches to extend a hand of mercy to those who need it the most in our community

We Need Your Support To Do More

Here Are Ways To Give

Ways To Give

Give Online

Use the form on this page to make a commitment to give to the work we do here at Families Arising. Your generosity gives us the resources we need to continue to impact Kids, teens, youth and parents towards thriving and flourishing, as they continue to make a difference in the world.

Give in Naira

If you live in Nigeria and will prefer to make a Naira donation, please use these details below to give to the work we do here at Families Arising.

Moms Achieving Purpose Academy
Access Bank Plc

You can also contact us at for more ways to give.
*Please note that as a registered non-profit society in Alberta, Canada, your gift is not tax-deductible and we cannot issue tax receipts*

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