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Our Families Arising devotionals are available for kids, teens, youth, dads and moms.

Demystifying Christmas devotional for Kids

Hey, kids! Come join our special Advent journey. We'll learn awesome stuff about Advent and how it brings us closer to God during the holiday season. We'll talk about waiting, visitation (which means special visits!), using our unique talents, and what makes Christmas so special. 

Demystifying Christmas Devotional for Moms

Join Demystify Christmas Advent study for moms, as we journey through the four weeks of anticipation, reflection, and celebration. Discover the profound meaning of Advent and how it can deepen your connection with God during this holiday season. 

New Wineskins: Embracing God's Best for You in Your New Year Devotional

Drawing inspiration from the metaphor of new wineskins, this devotional invites you to seek a fresh start, release the old, and make room for God's best. You'll discover how to let go of fear and embrace His promises in the coming year.

unveiling your true reflection devotions for teen girls

Hey, girl! Get ready for "Unveiling Your True Reflection: A Devotional for Teen Girls"! It's a total game-changer! Packed with inspo, prayers, and fun exercises, it'll help you embrace your unique self, rock that self-confidence, and grow spiritually. Prepare to uncover your true beauty and purpose in this crazy world. Let's do this, queen! 💖🌟

anchored in purpose devotions for teen boys

"Anchored in Purpose: A Devotional for Teen Boys on Identity and Walking in God's Purpose" is designed to help you discover who you are in Christ and how to live a purpose-filled life according to God's plan. Each day, we will explore different aspects of your identity and provide practical insights on how to align your life with God's purpose.

discover your radiant glow devotions for Little girls

Hey there, shining star! Get ready for an amazing journey through "Discovering Your Radiant Glow: A Devotional for Little Girls." It's going to be a total blast! Filled with inspiring stories, heartfelt prayers, and exciting activities, this devotional will help you embrace your true self, boost your confidence, and grow closer to God. Get ready to uncover the beauty and purpose that make you uniquely special in this incredible world.

adventure time with god devotions for teen boys

Embark on an exciting quest with Adventure Time with God! Designed specifically for awesome little boys like you, this adventure will lead you on a journey to discover your unique identity and understand God's plan for your life. Through interactive activities and heartfelt prayers, you'll learn to embrace your individuality and recognize the important role you have in God's grand plan.

Ditching the Superhero Cape:
Embracing God's Grace for Dads

"Ditching the Superhero Cape" invites dads to trade the pressure of superhero expectations for the embrace of God's grace. Discover how to lead with love, grace, and wisdom in daily life.
This journey of reflection and prayer empowers fathers to be men after God's own heart.

Fatherhood's Sacred Journey:
Guiding Our Families Towards God's Best

This 5-day devotional for fathers emphasizes the importance of setting a strong foundation, being a godly role model, nurturing love and grace, embracing family devotion, and encouraging purpose and service within the family. Each day includes reflection questions and prayers, promoting spiritual growth and unity within the family.

Back to school devotional

Hey Mom! Let your mom heart rest in God's unending love. As we prepare our kids for the new school year, let's focus our hearts on praying for them as they embark on the new adventure of the school year. These powerful prayer prompts will guide you as you pray for your family.

summertime devotions

Make summer time a time to get in the word of God with your family. This devotional study will help you to keep your eyes on the things that truly matter during this summer.
They are short, easy-to-read, and full of God's wisdom for your family.

parenting with purpose

Unleash the full potential of your parenting journey and strengthen your influence with "Parenting: Strengthening Your Influence With Your Child."
This insightful guide equips parents with the tools to build a strong and lasting connection with their children. 

thrive devotional part 1: the mindset to thrive

The 'THRIVE' Devotional Series is a guide to living and thriving in God's Purpose. The 'Mindset To Thrive' focuses on developing the right kind of mindset you need to walk in God's purpose for your life.

thrive devotional part 2: the skills to thrive

The 'THRIVE' Devotional Series is a guide to living and thriving in God's Purpose. The 'Skills To Thrive' focuses on getting equipped with the right skills and learning you need to walk in God's purpose for your life.

thrive devotional part 3: navigating friendships

The 'THRIVE' Devotional Series is a guide to living and thriving in God's Purpose. The 'Friendships To Thrive' focuses on developing and navigating the right kind of friendships that you need to walk in God's purpose for your life.

Pray Your Child Into Purpose

The devotional series is a journey of prayer guidance for parents seeking to pray for their children. Each prayer confession is lovingly crafted to cover a specific aspect of a child's life., from encountering God to understanding their identity in Christ, finding strength, clarity, and mental fitness, to embracing their natural talents. 

Flourish Parenting Devotional

Flourish in your parenting by digging deeper into God's word for insight and resources that you need to be the best parent to your child. This 5-day devotional digs deeper into focusing on the most important things when it comes to raising your children in the way of the Lord.

Flourish Marriage Devotional

Faith-Filled Meditations for Moms on Flourishing in Marriage.
The Flourish Marriage devotional is a 5-day devotional that will equip you with the right mindset, tools and resources in God's word to help you flourish in your marriage.

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