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A Mom's Prayer: Prayers for Increase and Enlargement

Welcome to another part of our 'A Mom's Prayer' series.

This is heartfelt space of prayer crafted for moms seeking growth and expansion in their lives. Motherhood is a journey filled with endless opportunities for personal growth and the desire to see our families flourish.

In this post, we explore a mom's prayer for increase and enlargement—a heartfelt invocation for abundance and prosperity in every aspect of our lives. These prayers delve into the aspirations we hold for our families, our personal growth, and the enrichment of our experiences as mothers.

Join us in embracing these prayers, designed to uplift and inspire, as we seek greater blessings, expansion, and fulfillment in our roles as moms.
Thank You Lord for Your word to me today. Thank You for being mindful of me. I am so grateful because I am convinced more than ever before that You have engraved me in the palm of your hands and You are never letting me go.

Lord, today, I agree with Your word concerning me. I declare that I am ready for your abundance Father. I declare that my capacity for increase and abundance is expanding. I am strengthening my stakes, building up my capacity.

I declare that I am maturing into sonship to handle all that You have prepared for me. I am spreading out to the right and to the left. I am breaking forth on every side and nothing is holding me back.

My mind is renewed and I think the thoughts of God. My thinking aligns with that of the Lord concerning my life.

I declare that I am a child of God and I have the life of God flowing through me. I am not of this world and the currency that I spend is not of this world. My government is not of this world. Therefore, my life is not subject to prevailing economic situations around me.
I declare that I am of the Commonwealth of Zion. I am from Zion and in Zion, lack, discouragement, ill health, despair are not in existence.

Today, as I go forth, I meet men and women you have prepared to help me on my life’s journey. You, Lord are connecting me to those who will help me in the fulfilment of God’s purpose for my life.

Lord, I receive the capacity to be the carrier of Generational increase, abundance and fruitfulness. I am a carrier of generational blessings. I declare that I am blessing to my generation, I am a woman of purpose, a woman of destiny and a great influencer. I am indeed a Blessing in the name of Jesus.

Thank You Lord!

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