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Preschooler Prayers: Teaching Your Little One to Talk to God by Dami Oguntolu

Matthew 19:14: "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'"
In the whirlwind of getting your little one ready for preschool, managing diaper changes, messy mealtimes, and tucking them into bed, it's easy to overlook a small yet significant activity that lays the groundwork for their journey of faith - Prayer Routine!

Starting early may prompt questions – why teach them prayers when they may not fully understand?

The answer lies in the profound impact these early introductions can have on their lives. Even if they may not grasp the significance immediately, there are several reasons why beginning this journey early is invaluable:

  1. Instilling Core Values: Introducing prayers creates a framework for understanding the importance of faith in God from an early age.
  2. Providing Stability: Prayer routines offer a sense of consistency and connection with God in the midst of daily life's ups and downs.
  3. Forming Habits: Habits developed in childhood often become deeply ingrained. Starting the habit of prayer at this age helps foster a natural inclination to turn to God.
  4. Family Bonding: Incorporating prayer becomes a shared family experience, strengthening the bond between parent and child, and creating positive family connections.

So how can we introduce prayers to preschoolers?
Here are some methods I've tried and found effective:

  1. Bedtime Blessings: A brief prayer expressing gratitude for the day and asking for blessings on family and friends. I personally sing prayers to my little one, as singing seems to resonate more.
  2. Mealtime Gratitude: Keep it short and engaging, involving your child in expressing thanks for the food and the hands that prepared it. Holding hands with the one who prepared the meal adds a personal touch.
  3. Sing-Song Prayers: Incorporate prayers into familiar songs or chants. Songs like "I Love Jesus, Amen! Amen!" or other worship songs make prayers engaging and enjoyable for your little one.

Other methods I'm eager to explore as we continue to grow together:

  1. Themed Prayers: Introducing prayers about specific issues or individuals to broaden their understanding and empathy.
  2. Open Dialogue: Encouraging children to express their thoughts, feelings, triumphs, concerns, or gratitude freely during prayer time.

Super Moms, you're doing an amazing job already. Take it one step at a time, one new prayer method at a time. Stay consistent and keep adding new forms of prayer to your routine.
Starting early is about planting seeds that will eventually bloom into a deeper understanding and connection with God as your child grows. It's not just about what they remember in the moment but about shaping their character and values over time.

With love and blessings ❤️

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