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At Your Word by Ememmfon Gabriel

“Forever Oh Lord, thy word is settled in Heaven”
– Psalms 119:89
Father, I thank you because you are authentic. Your words can never fall to the ground, have you said it and not done it, have you uttered it, and will you not bring it to pass?
I live my life by God’s words. Every promise that I've gone forth from the Almighty concerning my life is settled.

I receive Grace for complete obedience to God's words. I receive wisdom from above to know what to do per time.

My Father does not just talk, He watches over His words to perform them. I receive grace to understand my timing for His words to be accomplished.

I put my trust completely in God, I do not lean on my understanding, He’s directing my paths. My ways are pleasantness and peace. I live my life by God’s words, I receive instructions from Him that guide me as I journey in life. I launch out my nets into the deep for a draught even in times of drought. By thy word Lord, I prevail over everything assigned to derail me in life.

Dear Father, Thank you for your unconditional love and guidance in all matters of enterprise and life. I ask that you lead me to the opportunities that will bring me prosperity and success.
I open my mind and heart to receive your wisdom and the love and energy I need to follow your signs and instructions.

I ask that you make my path clear and lead me through tough times so I can learn to make the right decisions. I look to you to open the doors of opportunity, success, growth, prosperity, and wisdom to love and appreciate your plan for this work you have placed in my hands. Amen.

Think Over it
What is God saying to me today?
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