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Thrive Study Series: Introduction

You Are Born to Excel

Dear Mom,

Welcome to the 'Thrive' devotional series, where we focus our hearts on Living & thriving in God's purpose for as women, especially as mothers.

Connecting God to our different areas of ‘calling’ is a necessity, and as Christian moms, there's every need to relate to God in all areas and seasons of life that we find ourselves in, and our work/vocation/enterprise is not left out of this at all.

The 'Thrive' Mom devotional came in at a time like this when the whole world has moved from
what it used to call the conventional enterprise setting to a seamless digital shift.

It can only get better, and what better way to do this than by connecting our faith in Jesus Christ and the work He has committed into our hands.
The first section in this devotional is designed on four pillars:

• Education
• Goal Setting/Strategy
• Accountability

These pillars are pivotal in building and sustaining a successful enterprise.

Mindset is the most important thing to work on for a successful enterprise. Having an excellent mindset helps you to quickly identify problems and provide a timely solution. You’re not one to sit around and wait, you have a strong intuition, and if want something you’ll go get it. Having that right mindset helps you to grow in leaps and bounds, especially on your path of purpose.

Learning and development are important to be dynamic, learning new strategies, skills, and networks and harnessing knowledge coherently and productively can help you become efficient in your enterprise, decrease risks, and explore opportunities to the full.

Goal setting helps you to define outcomes. Every vision has a WHY and HOW. Goal setting helps one understand the WHY in our ventures and then determine the HOW to achieve the WHY. In this section, you will be taken on a journey of divine goal setting and strategy techniques.

Lastly, you will be taught how you can be accountable.

Accountability is being ready to be responsible for one's actions. It begins with committing to the process from the start by acknowledging where you are now and being aware of the reality of your situation. When you accept the truth about where you are now and how you truly feel, you will be able to carry out the steps outlined in this book. It is critical to accept ownership by acknowledging where you are right now.
Each pillar is equipped with prayer points, powerful affirmations, and an action point that is designed to MOVE you into your next phase of the plan. We are believing that during this journey with the Holy Spirit in the place of your enterprise, you will gain insight, skills, and wisdom to maximize your opportunity as well as elevate your vision in your work.

If you will let him, God will visit with you. He finds you exactly where you are. Welcome him. Make time for God. As you use these daily devotionals, draw closer to the Shepherd of your Soul.

God bless you as you meet with Him today. Lean on His strength, taste His comfort, and know His love for you.

Families Arising Editorial Team
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