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Keeping the Lid on Stress: Saying No to Overscheduling for Christian Moms by Oluseye Ashiru

“He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.” - Psalm 23:2-3 (NIV)
Dear Moms,

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of overscheduling our children. From extracurricular activities to academic pursuits, the pressure to excel can be overwhelming. However, as followers of Christ, we are called to prioritize rest and trust in God's guidance. Today, let's explore the importance of keeping the lid on stress by learning to say no to overscheduling, and how doing so can bring peace and harmony to your family.

The Perils of Overscheduling

In our quest to provide our children with every opportunity for success, we may inadvertently burden them with a schedule packed to the brim. While extracurricular activities and academic enrichment have their merits, excessive commitments can lead to burnout, anxiety, and a lack of quality family time. As Christian moms, it's essential to recognize the toll that overscheduling can take on our children's well-being, both physically and spiritually.

Rest and Trust in God

Psalm 23 beautifully illustrates God's provision and care for His children. Just as a shepherd leads his flock to green pastures and quiet waters, so too does our Heavenly Father guide us along the right paths. By embracing a spirit of rest and trust in God's sovereignty, we can find solace amidst life's chaos. This verse serves as a gentle reminder that true refreshment and renewal come from surrendering our burdens to the Lord.

Saying No to Overscheduling

As Christian moms, it's crucial to discern which activities align with God's purpose for our children and which ones merely add unnecessary stress to their lives. While it may be tempting to fill every waking moment with enriching experiences, there is beauty in simplicity and balance. Saying no to overscheduling requires courage and conviction, but the rewards far outweigh the temporary gratification of a packed calendar.

Finding Balance

So, how can we strike a balance between nurturing our children's talents and safeguarding their well-being? It starts with prayerful consideration and intentional decision-making. Seek God's wisdom in discerning which activities align with His will for your family. Prioritize activities that foster spiritual growth, cultivate character, and allow for ample rest and relaxation. Remember that it's okay to say no to opportunities that detract from your family's peace and unity.

Embracing Quality Time

By paring down our schedules and prioritizing rest, we create space for what truly matters: quality time with our loved ones. Whether it's sharing a meal together, enjoying a nature walk, or simply engaging in heartfelt conversations, these moments of connection are priceless. Embrace the gift of presence and cherish the memories you create as a family.
As Christian moms, let us heed the wisdom of Psalm 23 and entrust our children's futures to the Lord. By saying no to overscheduling and embracing a spirit of rest and trust, we pave the way for greater peace and harmony in our families. May we find solace in God's promises and draw strength from His unfailing love as we navigate the journey of motherhood.

With faith and grace,
Oluseye Ashiru
How do you prioritize rest and trust in God's guidance amidst the busyness of life? Share your insights and experiences in the comments below and let's encourage one another on this journey of faith and motherhood.

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