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The Anointing by Tope Fortune

“And Moses said unto the children of Israel, See, the LORD hath called by name Bezalel the son of  Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; and he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in  understanding, and knowledge, and all manner of workmanship;”
– Exodus 35:30-31
The Bible says that Samuel anointed David, the Spirit of God entered David like  a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life.  

Dear Lord, as you have anointed David and empowered him to be the skilled  Person he was, please do the same for me and my enterprise.  

I call forth the spirit of excellence in all my dealings in life and all that I do shall  bear the mark of excellence in Jesus’ name.

Before David was anointed, he wasn't discovered, as soon as the anointing came  upon him, a need arose in the Palace that only he could meet, God announced him - 1 Samuel 16:14

I declare that my ideas, my intellect, my values, my gifts, and my talents shall be  announced to the world in Jesus’ name.

Bezalel was also anointed with the Spirit of God in verse 30 and was empowered  for creativity.

It is the type of anointing that sets one apart from a booming  explosion. I declare that I am empowered by God, I have His Enabling Spirit to  do exceedingly above what He has called me to do in Jesus’ name.

Dear Lord, empower me to go beyond what is normally possible for a human being  to do. I am endowed with supernatural power for me to operate and, to produce  good fruit within the purpose of God. I unleash every hidden potential embedded  within my spirit, soul, and body to yield to-fruitfulness henceforth in Jesus’ name.

Dear God, anoint us and anoint our enterprises and cause our enterprises to  explode. I am anointed with the oil of God to explode hence forth goodness and  mercy follow me.  
Faithful Father, I ask you to anoint my enterprise with financial abundance.  Enable me to prosper and produce wealth.  

I thank you for the assets that you have given me – most importantly, your favor.  I rely on you as my only source of all things. I thank you for giving me energy,  keen enterprise sense, and a good product. I thank you that the hopes of the godly  will be fulfilled.  

Help me to live wisely and apply sensible principles in my enterprise dealings.  Amen.

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