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Mom Tip - How A Daily Routine Can Save You Time

With the endless list of things you need to do on your plate, how do you get through the numerous things you need to do as a mom?

Recently, I realized that the Tip I am about to share with you has had tremendous impact on getting things done for me.

Gone are the days of trying to get everything done the same day.
You know how your 'to-do' list can be as long as River Nile on a daily basis?

Not only does that wear you out, it is also a recipe for not getting it done well.
Trying to get everything you need to get done all at once will not work, it's better and more effective to apportion time or blocks of time for getting things done.

This leads me to today's Tip:

Maximize Your Daily Routine by Batching up your tasks.

Yes, you need to pick a day for similar tasks.

For instance, you can have Grocery Shopping on Mondays, Picking up laundry or running errands on Tuesdays... whatever suits your schedule is fine as long as you stick to it and get things done on the day you have assigned to them.

This Tip, I realize has helped me tremendously. I am not trying to do laundry everyday and I am also not trying to shop for grocery everyday.

This Tip is especially useful for Moms who work from home.
This is because to make good use of your time at home, you will need to have a schedule and stick to it.

If you don't get this schedule handled with discipline, you may end up spending up your time for business for chores and running errands.

If you are a mom who works outside the home, I am sure you realize there's no other way to get things done, especially when you don' have help and you're slugging it out alone.

And when you do have help, this tip can help you to monitor and measure the work being done by anyone you have doing the chores for you.

If you seem to have been all over the place and expending so much energy that leaves you totally drained all the time, it could mean that you have not been making good use of a useful mom tip like this.

You need to organize your chores into days depending on what suits you best.
I know that there will be days when you may need to readjust things to make room for some unforeseen or unplanned situations, but overall, you should try to stick to your routine.

This will help you to stay in control of your time and help you to better manage all your tasks.

So, remember to Batch Up Your Daily tasks, schedule them for particular days and stick to your routine.

What are your best mom tips? Share them in the comments!

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