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Step into 2024 with the right plan & strategy for your family

Join the ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint Program

A 21-Day Spiritual Awakening & Preparation Bootcamp for 2024

November 20 - December December 10

I am so excited that you made your way here.

It means that you really want to be more proactive about your next year.

And as far as I am concerned, that is a step in the right direction.

Before I tell you about the ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint program,
permit me to tell you a little about how I started doing this - becoming a Certified Kingdom Parenting & Family Values Coach.

Hi, I am Oluseye.
You see, I was at work one of those days and my phone rang - a friend needed help.
She was tired and frustrated that her life and family was not what she had pictured.
She felt lost as she had no idea what to do about raising her children the way she knew they should be raised.
You know, she had this picture in her head, but had no way of getting there.
So, she picked up the phone and we spoke for a veeerrryyy long time.
I advised her as much as I could, but then, I realized that the talk we had would only help her to think about her parenting, but it would not really solve her problem.

What Did I Then Do?

I started speaking to other moms like you and for the last decade of my life, I have been doing this - coaching others for great results in their families.

I got equipped, took some training and coaching programs myself so that I could help families just like yours.

I know that you really want to grow in your relationship with God, be the best wife you can be and raise children who are kind, responsible, obedient, loving...

I know you see the future and say, "Yes, that is what I want my life and family to be like in the future!"

I know you really want to see the best for yourself and your family in 2024.
And you are here because of that.

But, you realize there is a problem - you can't give what you don't have!

You are just doing this life, marriage, parenting thing by trial and error and you are not really sure if you are doing the right thing.
Let me tell you a secret, we all can never be sure of what we are doing.
Really? Yes, really!
However, we can be sure that when we provide the right environment for our faith to grow, being led by the Holy spirit in all things, giving the right foundation for our marriages and parenting, we will see ourselves and our families blossom and become what we pictured.

We cannot expect to automatically find that our 2024 will work out how we envisioned if we have not been proactive about doing the right thing.
And the time to be Intentional about how we want to lead our families in 2024 is NOW!

Are you ready to make 2024 your year of transformation, abundance, and spiritual growth?
Do you want to lead your family with strength, purpose, and faith?
If so, you're in the right place!

What Is The ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint? 

It's a 21-day intensive bootcamp designed to help you grow in your intimacy with the Holy Spirit, pray with intention, and create a comprehensive plan to prepare your family for an exceptional 2024.

This blueprint is more than just a program; it's a life-changing journey that will empower you to manifest your deepest desires for your family's future.

What can you expect in the program:


The program is a 21-Day coaching program focused on helping you to develop a blueprint that works for your own family for 2024.

Developing Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

One of the most important differentiating factors in this program is that you will be armed with a clear plan that will help you grow your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Creating a 2024 Vision for Your Family

Don't step blindly into 2024 without a solid plan for how your family will thrive and flourish in 2024. This program will help you to gain clarity about your family vision for the next year.

Tried & Proven strategies

What's a goal without a plan? In this program, you will get access to a plan that will help your family to actualize your 2024 family vision, without making you feel overwhelmed in any way.

Understand the mind of God for 2024

In this program, we will share:

  • Prophetic insights about the year 2024, and how your family can play a part in God's agenda for 2024.
  • Your Family plan based on God's Kingdom agenda for the new year
  • Your 2024 preparation plan for walking in God's promises for you and your family
  • A follow-up system that ensures you stay accountable throughout the year.

What You will Gain in The ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint Program

A Spiritual Awakening

Deepen your connection with your faith and gain clarity about your spiritual path.

Prayer Power

Learn how to pray with intention for you and your family about God's plans and desires in the new year.

Family Preparedness

Create a detailed plan to steer your family towards a prosperous 2024.

Community Support

Connect with like-minded mothers on the same journey, forming bonds that will last a lifetime.

Private Community

Access our exclusive online group to share experiences and receive support.

Accountability Partners

Get the required accountability you need to stay on track and support one another on your journeys.

What This Program is Not?

This program is not:

  • A lecture series
  • A set of rules
  • A copy and paste method that is working for some other family
  • A one size fits all program

Why You Should learn from me

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am verrryyyy passionate about mothers, their faith and their motherhood!

I have consistently created great results and massive action for my coaching clients over the last decade, as I continually add value to them.

They will also let you know that I am very driven to see you get the kind of results you need to get and that you can be sure that I will push you and squeeze you (lol) till you see the kind of future you want for yourself.

it Gives Me Great Joy To See You Be The Kind Of Person You Want To Be.

It Makes Me Happy That We All Are Driven To deepen our walk with God, be intentional about our marriages and Raise A Generation Of Children Who Will Transform Their World And Be A Voice In Their Generation.

That Is What Drives Me And Motivates Me To Keep Helping Moms Like You Be More Intentional About being deeply ROOTED in God, THRIVING in Your Purpose and building a FLOURISHING family.

Yes, I Am Committed To Your Success And You Can Be Sure That If You Follow My Proven Principles And Methods, You Will Get The Results You Want To Get.

I Can’t Wait To See You Be Transformed As I Work With You To Create A 2024 Plan deeply rooted in God's plans and purpose For You And Your Family.

Stories of Transformation...

"Coach Seye is structured, incredibly knowledgeable and believable..."

"I love coach Seye because of her deep relationship with the Holy Spirit and her gift of drawing on that relationship in the area of parenting. This is an area where I find myself quite vulnerable, and to be able to work with a coach who is able to guide me into relying on the Holy Spirit in my parenting journey is a blessing. Coach Seye is structured, incredibly knowledgeable and believable. Her program is world class, well thought out and very effective. I took it at a time when I was experiencing much distress in my parenting journey, and I can categorically state that the program helped to sooth my distress and chart a way forward for me. I could say much more but I’ll stop here. I would certainly recommend Coach Seye to any parent looking to experience supernatural intervention in their parenting journey."
Coach Toyin Oladiran

"I had a great time learning, unlearning and relearning"

"I had a great time learning, unlearning and relearning. I have become more self-aware and the very first module help me see a lot about how the past can or has been affecting my parenting. I am conscious of those areas that I need to work on. I am more patient with my kids even though I still loose it sometimes. But there is this desire to be truly intentional on this journey and work at it. I look at my kids and appreciate them more. I am also more sensitive to their needs."
- Ufuoma Fijabi

"The lessons were very practicable and produced real results for me."

"This program has been awesome for me. It has transformed me as an individual and my family too. I had many lightbulb moments. The lessons were very practicable and produced real results for me. God bless Coach Seye immeasurably. May heaven reward you bountifully."
- Oluwaseun Omodiji

"The program opened my eyes to see that my children are a fruitful field"

I joined this program as a new mother and wanting to lay a great foundation for my family. I believe the program did open my eyes to see that my children are a fruitful field. Hitherto, responsibility is laid on me to sow good seeds in their lives so that they will be all that God intends of them with God’s help. Thank you Coach Seye for everything.
- Quineta Michael

Your Investment: 

The ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint is an investment in your family's future.

EARLY BIRD PRICING (For only $197 / N100,000), you'll receive:
Early  bird ends November 10th (Regular Price - $297/N125,000)

  • 21 Days of Transformation: Daily guidance, exercises, program resources and workbooks.
  • Expert Insights: Exclusive group coaching access for all our members
  • Community Support: A lifelong connection with a group of like-minded moms.

Are You Ready to Lead Your Family to a Remarkable 2024?

The ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint is your opportunity to make a positive change in your family's life.
Join our bootcamp and become the woman your family needs.
Don't let another year pass without walking in God's purpose for you and leading your family to do the same.

Are you ready to get started?

Don't step into 2024 until you have taken time to prepare, plan and pray ahead of the year.

Join us for The ROOTED Mom's 2024 Blueprint
and take the first step toward a spiritually enriched and successful 2024 for you and your family!

Spaces are limited, and the journey begins on November 20th.

Act now to secure your spot and start your 21-day transformation.

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