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7 Tips for Getting Through and Enjoying The Holidays with Kids plus Great Fun Christmas Holiday Ideas for Christian Families

Hey fellow parents gearing up for the holiday frenzy—let's chat!

The holiday season is magical, right? But let's be real, it can also be a whirlwind of chaos, especially when kids are involved. From juggling festive activities to managing the sugar rush from holiday treats, it's quite the rollercoaster.

But fear not! I've gathered seven tried-and-true tips to help us not just survive but actually enjoy this holiday season with our little ones. Because let's face it, creating those heartwarming memories doesn't have to come with stress and chaos.

Join me in exploring these strategies designed to navigate the holiday hustle and bustle while savoring those precious moments with our kids. From managing expectations to finding joy in the little things, let's dive into these tips to make this holiday season a truly magical and enjoyable time for the whole family!
Embracing the chilly weather during the holidays can be an adventure in itself!

Kids often have unique ideas about what makes the season special. Let them explore their interests. Trust me, their independence will give you peace of mind while ensuring their safety.

  1. Frosty Adventures: Encourage outdoor activities suited for cold weather. Whether it's building snowmen, a friendly snowball fight, or making snow angels, the outdoors can tire them out and lessen the energy they have to pester you indoors.
  2. Creative Indoor Fun: Stir their creativity by organizing an indoor 'showtime.' Dress-up sessions or putting on mini-performances with friends can be a blast and a great way to keep them engaged indoors.
  3. Messy Is Merry: Ease up on having a picture-perfect home during the holidays. Someone wise once said, 'Don't have white furniture if you've got kids!' Letting them have fun without strict rules will bring more joy without you constantly watching over them.
  4. Encourage Exploration: Provide a safe space for them to explore, be it their rooms or a designated area. This gives you some 'me-time' while they engage in their own adventures.
  5. Friendship Fun: Host playdates! When their play ideas start running low, friends can bring in fresh and imaginative activities. It's a win-win—they're occupied, and you get some breathing space.
  6. Team Up for Babysitting: Arrange a babysitting swap with another trusted family. This gives both moms a breather to catch up on other holiday tasks without worrying about the kids.

Some Extra Fun Ideas for Christmas fun for
Christian Families

Exploring holiday traditions through a Christian lens brings an extra layer of joy and depth to this festive season.

Let’s dive into some heartwarming traditions and activities that celebrate faith, family, and the true spirit of Christmas.

  1. Advent Wreath: Embrace the anticipation of Christmas by lighting the Advent wreath candles each Sunday leading up to Christmas Day. It's a beautiful way to reflect on the significance of hope, peace, joy, and love.
  2. Nativity Scene Reflections: Set up a nativity scene and engage your kids in daily reflections on the story of Jesus’ birth. Each day, explore a different aspect of the Christmas story, fostering a deeper understanding of its meaning.
  3. Cookie Decorating with a Message: Bake cookies together while discussing the Christmas story. Use cookie cutters in shapes like stars or angels, and as you decorate, talk about how these symbols connect to the birth of Jesus.
  4. Christmas Carol Singing: Gather as a family to sing traditional hymns and carols that celebrate the birth of Christ. Let the joyous melodies echo the true reason for the season.
  5. Scripture Readings: Create a tradition of reading passages from the Bible that narrate the birth of Jesus. Allow each family member to share their favorite verses and what they mean to them.
  6. Giving and Serving: Encourage generosity by engaging in acts of kindness and giving back to the community. Visit a local shelter, participate in a charity drive, or create care packages for those in need.

And speaking of celebrating Christmas in a special way, sign your kids up for our Royal Readers Kids Club Christmas Book Club series this season!

Join us in exploring heartwarming Christmas stories that uphold Christian values.

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While you're there, discover fantastic Christmas resources for your family to make this holiday season even more memorable!

Let's cherish this season by weaving in traditions that bring us closer to the heart of Christmas and celebrate the joy of Christ’s birth.

What are your go-to sanity-saving tips during the holidays? 

Share your wisdom and experiences! Together, let's make this season joyful, fun, and a tad less chaotic for all the amazing parents out there.

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